Portable & Collapsible Spill Containment Berm

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The range of JXY Flexible and Portable Collapsible Spill Containment Berm products are designed to catch oil, fuel, chemical spills and contaminated water. They are used to bund  things such as tanks and drums, vehicles of all types. They are effective, portable, transportable and storable. The bunds have unique and helpful collapsible sides to fold away for compact storage and the product itself is manufactured from hardwearing UV resistant PVC and TPU.

• Liner material available - heavy duty PVC
• Fold down stainless steel "L" rods (rods do not have to be removed to fold)
• Optional tread pads and ground covers available
• Can be used with Decon pools
• Storage bag
• Custom sizes available
• Snap-up support provides a sturdy side wall for excellent spill containment
• 100% usable interior space
• Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use
• Custom sizes available
• Available in Black
Capacity(m3) Open Size(L*W)(m) Fold Size(L*W*H)(m)
2 3.2×3.0×0.3 0.70×0.70×0.30
3 4.0×3.0×0.3 0.75×0.70×0.40
5 5.0×4.5×0.3 0.80×0.70×0.75
10 5.5×5.5×0.4 0.80×0.70×0.40
15 6.5×6.0×0.5 0.90×0.70×0.40
20 8.0×6.0×0.5 0.90×0.70×0.45
25 8.0×6.0×0.6 1.00×0.70×0.40
50 12.0×8.0×0.6 1.40×0.80×0.50