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Tongxiang Xiaoying Pollution Control Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the largest environmental-protection companies in China engaging in the design and manufacture the Oil Spill Control and Containment Products.
We mainly produce and research for oil spill cleaning on the sea as so large oil & chemical spill control equipments and environmental protection products and commit our effords to designing and producing the offshore drilling platform. We are one of the largest oil spill control products supply Groups in China.


  • Haishu Xitang River water

    In the afternoon of winter, coming to Gaoqiao Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, and walki
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  • Hong Kong project departm

    In order to strengthen the safety awareness of the project staff and improve the crew's eme
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  • Jiangsu strictly guards a

    According to an official from the Jiangsu Maritime Bureau, there are thousands of ships sai
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  • Binhai County Shugang wat

    Recently, Binhai County Shugang waterway has been checked and accepted, which was indicatin
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  • Yangkou Port Area 150,000

    On January 24th, the Yangkou Port 150,000-ton waterway project (first phase) of Nantong Por
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  • Suzhou Maritime carried o

    At the beginning of the "Spring Festival" in 2019, in order to ensure the safety of importa
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