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Tongxiang Xiaoying Pollution Control Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the largest environmental-protection companies in China engaging in the design and manufacture the Oil Spill Control and Containment Products.
We mainly produce and research for oil spill cleaning on the sea as so large oil & chemical spill control equipments and environmental protection products and commit our effords to designing and producing the offshore drilling platform. We are one of the largest oil spill control products supply Groups in China.


  • The Yellow Sea occured Sh

    According to Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration, the Yellow Sea "Symphony" tanker (call
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  • Xi'an urban river dredgin

    The dredging project of the urban area of Xi'an City to the Fourteenth Transport has been c
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  • Wenzhou Port central port

    The Wenzhou Port and Shipping Management Center organized the acceptance meeting of the tri
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  • Xianhai District 2021 wat

    In order to further improve the actual combat capabilities and emergency rescue decision-ma
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  • Quanzhou Port Weitouwan S

    Recently, the dredging project of the second phase of the Shijing lwateway in Quanzhou Port
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  • Haikou City Ecological ho

    Haikou City Ecological Environment Bureau will hold 2021 Nandu River (Haikou Section) sudde
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