Nanning Maritime Safety Administration held joint ship oil spill emergency drill

On October 22, the 2021 Nanning joint ship oil spill emergency drill was kicked off in the waters of the Nanning Supervision and Rescue Base of Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration. The drill will further promote the construction of Nanning's ship oil spill emergency response capabilities, exercise oil spill response teams, improve the emergency response, coordination and emergency command capabilities of all emergency forces, and effectively guarantee clean waters in the jurisdiction.
At 10 o'clock in the morning of the same day, with the sound of the signal, the drill was officially begun. The simulated pollution accident ship "Guijie 001" reported to the on-site command team, said that when it was receiving oily sewage from the engine room with the "Yong Cargo XXX" ship, the screw on the sewage pipe joint was loose, caused the approximately 100 kgs of oily sewage from the engine room to discharge into the river, and then it caused water pollution, endangered the safety of nearby drinking water intakes and breeding areas. The situation was very urgent, and assistance was requested.
After receiving the report, the on-site command team immediately dispatched personnel to conduct a risk assessment on the site of the pollution accident. At the same time, the emergency plan was initiated and reported to the Nanning Maritime Safety Administration Command Center. The maritime department coordinated the nearby ships and emergency response forces to rush to the incident waters for on-site disposal. After the maritime cruise ship arrived at the scene, they immediately set up a guard ship to guard and seal the waters where the incident occurred, organized nearby ships and rescue teams to carry out on-site disposal work, then they deployed oil booms to prevent the spread of oil pollution, and put oil absorbent pads to carry out cleaning operations, marine cruise ships and drones were used to dynamically monitor the oil spill on the water. Under the joint confirmation of the water and air patrols, the pollutants on the water were removed. The drill was ended successfully at 11 o'clock.

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