Dalian LNG terminal held marine anti-pollution oil spill emergency drill


On October 13, the 2021 Dalian LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal marine anti-pollution oil spill emergency drill was kicked off at the Dalian Free Trade Zone Energy Port.

The drill was sponsored by the National Pipe Network Group Dalian Liquefied Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and guided by the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration. It was designed to test the implementation of LNG terminal oil spill emergency measures and improve oil spill emergency command and rescue skills.

At 9:30 on the same day, as the accident alarm signal sounded, the drill was officially begun. It was simulated the accident ship reported to the LNG terminal oil spill emergency headquarters that the ship's fuel tank suddenly leaked and part of the fuel leaked into the sea, they requested assistance in cleaning up the sea surface oil pollution. The headquarters immediately reported to the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration in accordance with the emergency plan. At the same time, they dispatched professional clean-up units to the site to conduct surveys and emergency rescues. The oil spill treatment was completed through oil booms deployment, oil absorbent pads by oil spill recovery, and oil spill dispersants spraying operations. Finally the drill was ended successfully.

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