Jingzhou Maritime organized dangerous enterprises to jointly carry out emergency drill


The Jingzhou Maritime Safety Administration organized dangerous enterprises to jointly carry out safety and pollution prevention inspections, and carried out ship fires and oil spill comprehensive emergency drills.
In order to continuously improve the safety operation skills and emergency response capabilities of employees in dangerous enterprises, strengthen the actual combat of ship and ship-shore emergency exercises, and ensure the stability of the safety and pollution prevention situation in the jurisdiction, the Jingzhou Maritime Safety Administration combined with the special management of outstanding issues in the law enforcement field to strengthen the dangerous cargo terminal and Dangerous goods ships berthed for on-site inspection. They focused on checking the operations of ship system documents and the implementation of anti-pollution measures, ship-shore emergency facilities and equipment, implementation of emergency drill system and emergency drill practical exercises, etc., they notified the ship's recent dangerous goods ship accident warning cases, and reminded the crew to ventilating in advance before entering the airtight compartment, paid attention to your own safety, and strictly implemented the system specification requirements.In the oil spill emergency drill,they was used oil booms and oil absorbent pads for oil spill controlling and absorbing.


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