2021 Liaoning ship pollution sea area accident emergency response drill was held in Huludao waters


The drill was simulated an "accident" between two ships in the Suizhong waters of Huludao, one crew member fell into the water, and one ship's cargo tank was damaged and occurred oil leakage. After the simulated accident, the Huludao Maritime Search and Rescue Center immediately activated the emergency plan, and comprehensively used the ship automatic identification system (AIS), the ship traffic management system (VTS), the maritime CCTV video surveillance system and the emergency communication system based on 5G technology on the land,multi-ship parallel line search on the sea surface, aerial drone search and helicopter rescue methods to rescue the overboarding crew, While rescue work was carrying, the oil spill emergency response has been carried out in an orderly manner. The Gaofen-1 satellite and drones monitored the "oil spill" dynamics in the accident water area by "air and sky"; The "accident" ship conducted underwater exploration to determine the location of the damage, and used a strong magnetic blocking plate to plug the damage of the hull and effectively control oil leakage; the ship on the sea quickly completed the installation of the oil booms and closely cooperated with the unmanned cleaning vessel to complete the oil spill recovery and removal operations; the transfer operation ship quickly arrived at the scene to complete the transfer of crude oil in the cargo tank of the accident ship, and the drill was achieved a complete success.

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