Pinghu City Transportation Bureau launched inland waters ship pollution accident emergency drill


The drill was held on the Pinghu Zhongrun Water Refueling Point segment of the Hangpingshen Line. It was simulated when an unloaded transport ship was passing through the segment, it occurred a machine failure,then the ship lost control, and collided with a refueling transport ship at a water refueling station. The oily sewage from the engine room of the ship contaminated local water bodies. They immediately set up water traffic control, rescue of out-of-control ships, pollution prevention and other exercises. In this drill, 6 maritime patrol boats were dispatched and more than 30 personnel participated in the drill. After receiving the alarm from the gas station, the water command center immediately activated the emergency plan, dispatched six maritime boats to control the traffic at the scene of the accident, rescued out-of-control ship, laid oil booms around the contaminated waters, threw oil absorbent pads for clearing the water surface and preventing further expansion of ship pollution accidents.

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