Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port Area waterway maintenance and dredging project


Recently, the Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port Area waterway maintenance and dredging project has officially started, which was undertaken by CCCC Shanghai Shipping Administration, a subsidiary of China Communications Group.
The project mainly conducts maintenance and dredging of the roundabout and connecting waters of the fourth phase of the Yangshan deep-water port area. The dredging channel is about 3.55 kilometers long, the maintenance depth is 15.5 meters, and the project volume is 3.662 million cubic meters. Since 2002, Shanghai Aviation Administration has undertaken all the dredging and filling tasks for the first to fourth phases of the Yangshan Deepwater Port, as well as the subsequent maintenance and dredging projects to help the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center.It was used dredging ships(including silt curtains) for waterway dredging.
After the completion of dredging project, it will effectively ensure the water depth of the channel in the Yangshan port area and enhance the port area's operating capacities.

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