Shima Center and Yiyuan Wharf jointly carry out ship pollution prevention emergency drill


Xiamen Port Shima Port and Shipping Service Center cooperated with Fujian Yiyuan Wharf Petrochemical Storage Co., Ltd. to carry out the 2021 ship anti-pollution and oil spill emergency drill, aiming to improve the emergency response capacities of ship pollution accidents in the Shima port area and further strengthen the environmental protection capabilities of the sea. Relevant persons in charge of the Water Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport were invited to observe and guide the drill.
The drill was simulated the rupture of the oil delivery arm of the Yiyuan Wharf during production, and the fuel oil returned to the terminal platform and leaked into the water. The amount of oil spilled was about 1 ton. After discovering the situation, the staffs of Yiyuan Wharf closed the valves in time, stopped operations, and reported the accident to the person in charge of the Yiyuan Wharf. After receiving the report, the person in charge of Yiyuan Wharf immediately activated the "Emergency Plan for Ship Pollution Accidents at Yiyuan Wharf" and organized Haitong Shipping Company and the terminal emergency team to carry out emergency response. Tonghai Shipping Company dispatched two ships "MinXiamen Oil 0008" and "MinXiamen Oil 1709" to the waters of the accident, deployed oil booms and used oil absorbent pads to remove oil spills. After the large area of spilled oil was removed and the oil absorbent pads were recovered, the terminal staffs and ship staffs simultaneously used the oil spill dispersant spraying device to condense and settle the remaining spilled oil at sea. At the end of the drill, Guo Yongfu ,Deputy Director of the Shima Center carefully inspected the oil spill removal in the waters and announced the successful completion of the drill.
The ship pollution prevention and control emergency drill was well-organized and properly commanded. All units cooperated closely and achieved good results. In the next step, the Shima Center and Yiyuan Wharf will promptly summarize the weaknesses in this drill, check the deficiencies in the emergency plan, and further improve the emergency response capabilities of the terminal's ship pollution prevention and control.

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