Shuyang Gupo River Channel Dredging Project Passed Completion Acceptance


A few days ago, the dredging project of the CS000-CS048 section of the Gupo River Channel in Shuyang County passed the completion acceptance.


The Gubo River Channel is 49km in length and is now a seven-level channel. The upstream starts at the Gupo River Ship Lock in Shuyang, and the downstream flows through Guanyun County, Lianyungang City to the mouth of the Yanhe River. It is 27.45km long in Shuyang, passing through Sangxu huachong, Xianguan, and Gaoxu these towns, it is important channel for water transportation in Shuyang, and have been planned as important sections of the second phase of the Sulian Channel.


The dredging section is located in the territory of Sangxu Town and Xianguan Town. The dredging length is 2.41 kilometers. The dredging is carried out according to the standard of 30 meters in base width, 3.2 meters in water depth, and 1:3 slope. A total of 130,000 square meters of earth will dredge and a total investment of 2.4 million yuan. After the dredging, the problem of the previously blocked passage of the Gubo River in the territory was effectively solved, and the overall navigation capacity was significantly improved.It was used dredging ships(including silt curtains) for channel dredging.

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