Xijiang water emergency rescue drill


A water emergency rescue drill under the background of simulated actual combat was carried out at the construction site of the Xijiang Extra Large Bridge of the Zhongjiang Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project(belonging to the Guangdong Transportation Group).

The first part of the drill was presented in the form of recorded video. It was simulated that 800 meters downstream of the Xijiang Bridge, an ascending cargo ship chose the wrong channel and broke into the lower channel of the bridge, formed an urgent situation with a ship that was about to pass down navigation holes. After finding out, the office personnel immediately notified the construction waters "warning maintenance ship" to carry out emergency alert and interception on site. Eventually, the ascending ship adjusted its course in time to return to the up navigation hole and safely passed the bridge.

The second part of the drill was broadcast live to simulate the increase in water level and flow rate of the Xijiang Channel due to the influence of the flood season. A descending ship lost power due to a main engine failure at a distance of 200 meters upstream of the bridge, deviated from the normal channel, then it was out of control, hit the trestle bridge on the Jiangmen side and got stuck. On the Beileiliang, 4 construction workers fell into the water, 2 of them were injured, and a ship had an oil spill.

After the duty room staffs discovered the danger, they immediately reported to the project department and the Zhongjiang Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Management Office; the Zhongjiang Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Management Office immediately initiated a first-level emergency response and requested support from the Jiangmen Maritime Safety Administration to search and rescue the people who fell into the water.

After receiving the rescue request, Jiangmen Maritime Safety Administration immediately dispatched the "Hai Xun 09439"ship, "Hai Xun 09462" ship and the "Jiang Gang 77" ship(guarding near the bridge construction waters) to carry out search and rescue operations; at the same time, the Jiangmen Port Maritime Department coordinated social rescue forces, the nearby Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club urgently dispatched to assist in the rescue, 4 drones hovered over the sky to assist in the search and rescue of those who fell into the water.

The rescue boats successfully rescued 4 workers who fell into the water and moved them ashore. After temporary rescue, they were sent to the hospital by medical ambulance for further examination and treatment. At the same time, rescue boats were arranged to install oil booms and put in oil absorbent pads to control surface oil pollution and eliminate water surface pollution. Relevant guard ships immediately eliminated hidden river safety hazards and ensured the navigation safety of passing ships. In the end, with the concerted efforts of all emergency units, the drill was ended successfully.

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