2021 Lu'an City water search and rescue emergency drill was successfully held in Meishan Reservoir


This drill was simulated a tourist ship and a fishing boat were sailing in the navigable waters of Meishan Reservoir. Due to sudden strong convective weather, the two ships collided, then caused a fire, some personnel fell into the water, and many tourists were trapped in danger. After receiving the report, Lu'an City Transportation Bureau immediately activated the emergency plan for waterway traffic emergencies, and combined with the agricultural and rural departments to organize 4 maritime and fishery vessels, 1 company emergency boat, 2 social rescue boats, and 120 emergency vehicles, and more than 50 people rushed to the scene of the incident to rescue, and the subjects were including danger report, emergency response, passenger evacuation, ship firefighting, and search and rescue of overboard personnel.
"After the 12395 received the police and they immediately implemented the three-level water search and rescue emergency response, Jinhaixun No. 1 ship and Jinhaixun No. 2 ship immediately organized fire fighting and evacuation of trapped passengers, Yuzheng No. 2 ship inspected the damage of fishing boats, Jinhaixun No. 2 ship, Wanjinyou 010 ship, Lantian No. 1 ship and Lantian No. 2 ship quickly carried out parallel searches in the waters where the incident occurred,120 ambulances immediately sent the wounded to the hospital for treatment,Jinhai Xun No. 2 ship checked the environmental pollution of the waters, they used oil booms and oil absorbent pads for oil pollution controlling and clearing.Finally, Yuzheng No. 1, ship lifted traffic control.Under the orderly command of the on-site command center, rescue vehicles, boats and personnel quickly and effectively carried out rescues in accordance with instructions.


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