Tongxiang Port and Shipping conducted oil spill emergency drill


Recently, the Tongxiang Port and Shipping Management Service Center cooperated with Dongjiang Energy Terminal to organize the "Oil Spill Emergency Drill".

Preliminary preparation is sufficient. In this emergency drill, each unit fully prepared a total of 18 types of emergency supplies, including oil booms,oil absorbent pads, fire extinguishers, and oil spill dispersants,etc. At the same time, rescue teams, logistics support team, investigation and monitoring team, communication team, and evacuation  team these 5teams were set up. The rescue team is responsible for on-site security evacuation and rescue assistance. The investigation and monitoring team is responsible for finding the source and real-time monitoring of the spreading area. The communication team is responsible for directing on-site water traffic and emergency vehicle deployment,counting the number of people, etc. Through the allocation of materials and the division of personnel responsibilities, the material and safety guarantees for emergency rescue at ports, shipping and terminals will be further enhanced.

The response was rapid and the emergency was appropriate. After the port and shipping rescue team arrived at the scene, the investigation and monitoring team immediately reported the source of the oil spill and the real-time monitoring of the spreading area. While arranging personnel to cooperate with the communication recovery team to maintain the navigation order on the spot, the remaining personnel immediately joined the rescue team to carry out rescue and rescue operations. The rescuers used cargo ships and sea cruisers to spread the oil booms. In less than ten minutes, the leaking area was basically blocked. The rescuers used oil absorbent pads and oil absorbent paper to recover a large part of the oil pollution.Then the remaining small part of the oil pollution that could not be recovered, rescue workers chemically eliminated the spill by putting in oil spill dispersant. Through the joint operations of the port and shipping emergency rescue team and the terminal emergency rescue headquarters, the source of the leakage was smoothly and completely controlled, the hidden dangers were quickly eliminated, the oil pollution in the proliferation area was effectively controlled, and the cleanup was basically completed without new impacts on the surrounding waters.

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