Water safety emergency rescue drill


The Dongying water safety emergency rescue drill was held in Guangli First Class Fishing Port in Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone.

This drill is divided into three subjects, returning of fishing boats to avoid wind; maritime oil spill emergency drill; fire emergency drill in the port.

Among them, the maritime oil spill emergency drill was simulated the When the Ludongyu 61088 fishing boat was sailing in the development zone, it was found that the fishing boat's fuel tank was damaged, caused fuel leakage. The water body floated and spilled about 200 kilograms of oil, and the spread area was about 100 square meters. The captain of the oil spill department was found to report the oil leakage to the duty office of Guangli Fishing Port. After receiving the report, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone immediately launched an emergency plan, notified all member units, and quickly organized rescue teams to rush to the scene to deal with the participants, they drove rubber boats to tow the oil booms to raise the oil spill, and rescue teams was closely coordinated, the oil spill was handled smoothly. Finally,Participants used a professional weir skimmer for oil spill recovery, and used an oil suction pump to pump and recover the circled spilled oil into a portable oil storage tank.

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