Youjiang Channel Improvement Project (Boundary Between Two Provinces-Baise) Project


At present, the Youjiang Channel Improvement Project has completed a total of 147,317 cubic meters of underwater reef blasting and 184,393 cubic meters of dredging projects; a cumulative investment of 162.87 million yuan has been completed, accounting for 55.45% of the project's estimated investment.

The engineering ship is operating on the channel and also used silt curtains for controlling silt. It is reported that the Youjiang Channel Improvement Project (Boundary between the Two Provinces-Baise) project involves a section of the Youjiang Two Provincial Boundaries (Luocunkou)-Baise (Chengbi estuary), with a total length of 71km, it belongs the upper reaches of the Youjiang River, of which two provinces boundaries(Luocunkou)-The 50km above the dam of the Baise Water Conservancy Project is located in the reservoir area of the Baise Project, and the section from the bottom of the Baise Project to the Chengbi River Mouth is 21 km long.

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