Solving water oil spill "accident" within one hour


The Wuzhou Maritime Safety Administration, cooperated with Wuzhou Zhonghao Industrial Co., Ltd., Wuzhou Haoyun Cleaning Company and Sinopec Guangxi Wuzhou Branch, to carry out water oil spill emergency drill at the Huoshan oil depot terminal.
This drill was simulated The oil pipe burst suddenly when the "Wuzhou Petroleum 208" ship was transporting oil to the Huoshan oil depot pontoon, and about 1 ton of diesel oil leaked on the water. After the "accident" was occurred, the operators of the oil tanker,pontoon, and huoshan oil depot immediately carried out emergency response in accordance with the oil spill emergency plan, and reported the oil spill to the Wuzhou Maritime Safety Administration.
When the crew in the cab heard the shout, they immediately sounded the sirens, and organized two crew members to turn off the oil pumps and open the valves to let the oil return to the oil tank. The other crew quickly brought shovels, iron buckets, oil absorbent pads and oil pumps to work together to recover the oil spilled on the deck. At the same time, a crew member reported the oil spill to the Huoshan Oil Depot and the Wuzhou Maritime Safety Administration Command Center for requesting support.
After receiving the command from the command center, the maritime patrol law enforcement detachment immediately dispatched two law enforcement boats to the scene. One maritime patrol boat did the maintenance of the periphery on-site, and placed a second oil booms under the diesel drift. Subsequently, the "Qingwu No. 1" ship rushed to the scene. Cleaners scooped up most of the spilled oil with an iron spoon, and then spread a large piece of oil absorbent pads on the water to absorb the remaining spilled oil. Finally, after the cleanup crew applied for permission from the Maritime Command Center, they sprayed the oil spill dispersant on the surface of the oil spill.
In less than an hour, the simulated water oil spill incident was well controlled and dealt.


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