Sinopec Zhaotong Petroleum: Carrying out tanker leakage emergency rescue drill


During normal and orderly work at Zhaotong government office building, the emergency response office on the third floor received an alarm call from the gas station. A tanker was rubbing against a truck at the station entrance, causing the middle of the tanker to rupture and the hole was approximately 3 mm, a large amount of oil was leaked. They activated the gas station tanker leakage emergency plan and assistance is requested.

In accordance with the emergency response plan, the company's emergency department reported the "dangerous situation" as soon as possible, and quickly convened the emergency rescue team, the logistics support team, and the communication team to rush to the scene of the incident.

15 minutes later, the company's emergency response team arrived at the scene, and the deputy manager in charge of safety as the site commander and team members performed their duties and immediately participated in the rescue work.

They immediately stopped refueling operations, cut off the power supply, and placed fire-fighting equipment...

The team members used wooden plugging devices to plug the leaks in the sidewall of the tanker in time, and used oil absorbent pads, cotton mops, aluminum containers to recover oil on the ground, and covered and absorbed the hard-to-recover with fire-fighting sand. The oil in the tanker truck in the accident was transferred to the oil tank of the gas station by using explosion-proof oil pump. After confirming that the oil product was recovered, they used the oil spill dispersant for post-treatment of the contaminated area, and cooperated with the superior unit to legally and compliantly dispose the contaminated soil and oily sewage; they checked whether there was residual oil in the surrounding trenches, canals, rivers, and observation wells inside and outside the inspection station,cleaned up the scene to re-measure and confirm the loss, reported to the commander-in-chief, continued to do a good job of protection, and gathered the team to the headquarters to wait for orders, and gradually restored the traffic order on the spot.

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