Xiashan District Government held Emergency 2021 hazardous chemical leakage accident handling drill


The drill was simulated a scenario where crude oil leaked and repair personnel fainted due to corrosion at the flange of the No. 19 tank root valve of the Petrochemical Terminal Company's Stone Oil Depot. The oil depot and the company quickly carried out preliminary disposal. The Xiashan fire rescue team provided timely reinforcements, coordinated operations with professional cleaning and decontamination  forces for scientifically handling the leakage. The leakage was controlled in a short time by using oil absorbent pads and oil absorbent socks and the disposal process was smooth and efficient. During the drill, the command organization and various emergency forces were orderly and powerful, fully considered the various situations that may arise, and truly treated the emergency response exercise as a disaster accident, it was achieved the purpose of checking the plan, improving the mechanism, and training the team.

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