Shandong Rizhao Port Lanshan Port Area deep water channel dredging project started

China Communications Construction announced that with the construction of the large trailing suction dredger "New Sea Tiger 4", the channel dredging project of the second phase of the deep water channel project in Lanshan Port District, Rizhao Port, Shandong Province(undertaken by China Communications Construction and Shanghai Aviation Administration)was officially started. After the completion of the project, it will increase the navigation guarantee rate and berthing capacity of large ships in Rizhao Port, which is of great significance for ensuring the safety of Rizhao Port's navigable waters and promoting the economic and social development of Rizhao.

The project is located in the outer waters of the Lanshan port area of Rizhao Port. It mainly dredges the two-way channel with a total length of 43 kilometers, a navigable width of 390 meters, and a control water depth of 22.5 meters. The dredging project volume is 4.88 million cubic meters, which can meet the one-way navigation requirements of 300,000-ton oil tankers and 300,000-ton bulk carriers.It will use dredger(also including silt curtains for silt and pollution controlling) to finish this project.

The channel is divided into two sections from the harbor basin to the sea, namely the AD section and the DE section. The AD section of the channel is connected to the crude oil terminal basin, and the direction of the channel is basically the same as the first phase of the deep-water channel. The length of the AD section is 26.833 kilometers, and the designed bottom elevation is -22.40 meters. Point D is the turning point of the channel axis, the DE section is the open sea section, the length of the DE section is 16.00 kilometers, and the design bottom elevation is -22.5 meters.


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