Yichang City launched ship pollution emergency drill


The Badong Maritime Department of Yichang Maritime Safety Administration conducted ship oil spill pollution emergency drill at Xinsheng Shipyard in Badong Port, Three Gorges Reservoir Area.
The drill was simulated the oil spill was occurred when the shipyard staff was repairing the oil tanker, and the slop oil leaked to the surface of the river, caused about 500 kg of fuel oil to leak into the sea.
After the accident, the Badong Maritime Department immediately arranged for on-site disposal of marine cruisers. The emergency plan was initiated, the shipyard was notified to lay the oil booms, Badong County Immigration Environmental Service Co., Ltd. was notified to bring anti-pollution equipment to the scene, and the navigation warning was issued to require passing ships to slow down and avoid... After working together, the oil spill was effectively controlled and removed. The drill was achieved a complete success.
Through the drill,the emergency response capabilities of the ship pollution removal units in the jurisdiction and the emergency response level of ship oil spills have been greatly improved.

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