Fengcheng water oil spill emergency drill


The water area for the drill is set at the front of the Xinyue Liqing Wharf in Jiangxi. The content of the drill was simulated when a ship was operating at the Xinyue Liqing Wharf,it was caused an oil spill accident due to improper operations and the oil was entered into the waters of the terminal. Xinyue Liqing Wharf immediately activated the emergency plan and reported to Fengcheng Marine Department. After receiving the police, the Maritime Department immediately dispatched Haixun 206 ship, Haixun 217 ship, and Haixun 219 ship to the scene to participate in emergency response in accordance with the requirements of the oil pollution emergency plan. The drill personnel worked out an oil spill cleanup and disposal plan based on the on-site situation. Haixun 206 ship implemented temporary traffic control to maintain the navigation order on the site. Haixun 217 ship and Haixun 219 ship cooperated with docks and oil spill ships to implement emergency response, set up oil booms, and put in oil absorbent pads and recycled it. After the recovery of the oil absorbent pads,and there were no obvious pollutants on the water surface, they assisted the water sampling and inspection, terminated the emergency response, and the drill was ended.

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