The construction of rural ecological rivers in Nantong City has completed 70% of the annual plan


On August 26, the Qinzhou Port East Channel Expansion Project (expansion of 100,000-ton two-way channel)-undertaken by the company for the first phase of the adjustment and construction of the second bid section project successfully passed the handover and acceptance.
Qinzhou Port East Channel Expansion Project (expansion of 100,000-ton-class two-way channel) Phase I project adjustment and construction contract period of the second bid section is 300 calendar days. The project started on October 8, 2020. After 281 days and nights of hard work, it passed the self-inspection and passed the inspection and acceptance by the Guangzhou Maritime Surveying and Mapping Center of the South China Sea Navigation Security Center of the Ministry of Transport on JuLy 15,2021. The project was completed 19 days ahead of the contract period. It is the first tender in the project that passed the sea test acceptance.It was used dredging ships(including silt curtains) for this project.

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