Cangnan Transportation is actively carrying out joint ship oil spill emergency plan drill


In order to improve the ship pollution accidents disposal abilities, the Cangnan Transportation, Port and Shipping Department, together with Wenzhou Maritime Safety Administration, Aojiang Maritime Affairs Department and China Resources Power Zhejiang Company to organize a joint ship oil spill emergency plan drill in the waters of the coal unloading terminal.

The drill was simulated a collision of a patrol ship with a cargo ship and a fuel leak into the sea during the patrol of the harbor basin. The drill was included situation reporting and verification, plan activation, emergency response and other links, it focused on the launch and coordination of emergency plans, oil spill control and recovery by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads, and the specific implementation of the “shipboard oil pollution emergency plan”. During the drill, each emergency team had clear responsibilities, quick response, and full coordination, it demonstrated strong emergency accident handling capabilities and a high level of the exercise.

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