Oil spill equipment warehouse: emergency oil spill accidents disposal in the Hanjiang River Basin


In the scorching sun, a joint oil spill emergency drill was carried out in the waters of the Hanjiang River.
The staffs of the ship oil spill emergency equipment warehouse in the Wuhan section of the Hanjiang River in the Duoluokou Port Area of Wuhan Port were responsible for this drill..
The accident was simulated an oil spill accident caused by a collision between an anchored oil tanker in the waters of the Hanjiang River and a passing ship. The person in charge of the oil spill emergency equipment warehouse issued an exercise instruction. The staffs quickly activated the truck cranes, emergency trailers, forklifts and other transportation tools. The staffs began to assemble the oil booms at the dock barge site, and used the truck crane to move the oil booms, oil skimmers, unloading pump, and oil absorbent pads to the relevant oil spill emergency response vessel.
Twenty minutes later, an oil boom deployment tugboat, an oil pollution recovery vessel, a professional cleaning vessel and an emergency force of more than 20 people rushed to the waters where the incident occurred.
After the "Wudi Haifang Pollution No. 01" ship arrived in the waters of the accident vessel, the oil booms were deployed on the downwind side of the tanker. Subsequently, the "Wudi Haifang Pollution No. 02" professional oil pollution recovery vessel entered the site to carry out surface oil recovery. 

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