Jining Port and Shipping Development Center launched comprehensive water emergency drill


Recently, there was a sudden oil spill around a ship in Jining waters. The person in charge of the waters in the jurisdiction immediately activated the "Ship Oil Spill Emergency Plan". The emergency team of the Municipal Port and Shipping Business Development Center rushed to the scene of the incident and immediately contacted the port staffs,then carried out ship-shore collaborative emergency response. Measures such as laying oil booms, setting up warning lines, and throwing oil absorbent pads on the surface of the oil spilled for preventing the further spreading of oil stains, and cleaning up the oil stains. In a short while, all the “oil stains” were cleaned up by the port and shipping staffs.

This is a comprehensive water emergency drill which was carried out by the Jining Port and Shipping Business Development Center in Weishan, it aims to improve the water emergency response capabilities of the grass-roots emergency team, combined with the actual water emergency work in the area under its jurisdiction, and organized 20 port companies in the area under the jurisdiction of Weishan. drill. In addition to the ship oil pollution disposal drill, the drill also included subjects such as flood control and fire fighting. The entire drill lasted 90 minutes with more than 30 participants and 3 ships.

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