Haidong City launched 2021 comprehensive water emergency rescue actual combat drill


Haidong City comprehensive water rescue actual combat drill was carried out in the waters of Gongboxia in Haidong City on the Yellow River.
The drill was conducted on four subjects including personnel overboard rescue, ship out-of-control rescue, ship fire protection and oil spill disposal by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads. The drill was hosted by the Haidong Municipal Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement and Supervision Bureau, they invited the local Maritime Safety Administration of Qinghai Province, and Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Teams of Hualong County, Minhe County and Xunhua County, water transportation enterprises in the jurisdiction, Tuanjie 2 Village Committee of Qunke Town, health clinic and other units were participated in the water comprehensive emergency rescue actual combat drill.

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