Jinzhou Maritime Safety Administration organized oil spill response special joint drill


In order to effectively enhance the marine oil spill emergency command and coordination disposal capacities in the jurisdiction, and reduce oil spill pollution damage, on September 14, Jinzhou Maritime Safety Administration, together with Jinzhou Port Co., Ltd., China Power Investment Jinzhou Port Co., Ltd., and the area's ship pollution removal unit organized the 2021 oil spill emergency special joint drill.

This drill was simulated accidental damage to the ship's hull at berth 401, and a sudden oil spill was occurred in the engine room,it resulted in a large amount of diesel leakage. After receiving the report, the Jinzhou Maritime Safety Administration immediately activated the emergency plan, organized the terminal emergency forces and the cleanup ships to the site, and adopted methods such as laying oil booms,oil absorbent pads and spraying oil spill dispersant to prevent the spread of oil pollution, and used the oil skimmers to recover the oil pollution, marine patrol boats were dispatched to the scene to implement vigilance, and navigation warnings were continuously broadcast to prevent ships from entering the pollution prevention emergency waters and ensure the navigation safety of ships in accidents.


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