2021 Nanjiang Port Area ship emergency drill was held in Tianjin


2021 Nanjiang Port Area FSRU Ship emergency drill was held in Tianjin. This is our country’s first FSRU (floating storage and regasification unit) ship emergency drill. There were 12 ships, 1 helicopter, 2 drones, and 8 vehicles and search and rescue volunteer teams participated in this drill.
The drill was simulated that the "Haifeng Oil 18" tanker collided with the FSRU "An Haijiao" tanker(docking at the dock)when passing the waters near the LNG terminal, causing a small amount of LNG leakage at the FSRU loading arm. One crew member was frostbited by the LNG. The "Haifeng Oil 18" tanker was damaged, and the oil leaked and polluted the waters. The Nanjiang Maritime Safety Administration quickly launched an emergency response plan, carried out exercises such as police handling, personnel rescue, ship fire fighting, underwater exploration, oil spill containment and removal by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads, then ,they used comprehensive use of helicopters, drones, underwater robots, and marine oil spill drift prediction System and other modern means to improve the efficiency and success rate of emergency response.
Tianjin Nanjiang LNG Terminal is the first to adopt floating storage and regasification unit in China. It is the only floating receiving station project in China. It undertakes nearly one-third of Tianjin's municipal gas transportation volume and is also an important clean energy supply base in North China.

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