Jiangling Waterway Department carry out oil spill drill


The Yangtze River Jiangling Waterway Department and the Waterway Surveying and Mapping Center jointly carried out a ship oil spill drill.

This drill was simulated the rupture of the refueling pipe during the refueling process of Handao Standard 316 ship to Hangxun 201 ship, causing a small amount of oil to flow into the river. Before the drill, the captain Xiong  Chuanwu divided the personnel into the drill, emphasized safety and related precautions, and required everyone to implement the details and respond quickly.

At 18:03, "the oil leaked, the oil leaked, and the refueling pipe was broke." With an emergency call for help, the oil spill drill was officially kicked off at the Jiangling wharf.

The captain immediately sounded the alarm signal and used the onboard broadcast to notify all crew members to bring anti-fouling equipment to the oil spill point. The engineer immediately cut off the fuel supply valves, and other personnel quickly deployed the oil booms on the river surface, and at the same time, they dropped the oil absorbent pads to abosbrbing oil and preventing the oil spill from drifting and spreading. The cleaning work was carried out in an orderly manner. After intense and orderly emergency actions, the spilled oil was completely cleaned up.

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