Hulun Lake waters fully carried out water life-saving drill


In this emergency, the host of a yacht on Hulun Lake lost control and collided with an oncoming cruise ship, caused an internal fire,and some passengers on the cruise ship  fell into the water, and occurred an oil spill accident. After the simulated accident occurred, the crew immediately organized and carried out self-rescue, and quickly reported to the Hulun Lake Public Security Bureau for help. After receiving the alarm call, the special police brigade of the Hulun Lake Public Security Bureau swiftly went to the scene for rescue work. During the rescue work, they decisively contacted the Manzhouli Maritime Department of the Hulunbuir Maritime Safety Administration and Hulun Lake Fishery Co., Ltd. for personnel placement and oil spill disposal by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads. According to the purpose of the exercise and the scenario of the simulated incident, a series of subjects were conducted such as rescue of overboarding personnel, rescue of ships in distress with pumps, firefighting, and oil spill handling. In accordance with the principles of unified command, resource sharing, and unity and cooperation, all units quickly and efficiently carried out water search and rescue operations, and made every effort to eliminate and reduce accident risks and losses.

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