Tianjin Dagang Port Area held 2021 Winter LNG transportation guarantee emergency drill


On October 15, the 2021 2021 Winter LNG transportation guarantee emergency drill was officially held. This drill is an important measure to implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and make every effort to ensure the transportation of key energy materials. Before the heating season, holding this exercise can effectively test the applicability and operability of emergency plans for the transportation of key energy materials in the port area.

The drill was simulated that when the LNG ship was about to leave the port, and the main engine of the construction ship near the departure channel was out of control and collided with another ship, caused the crew to fall into the water, the ship fires and the sloppy oil leakage accident. The emergency forces of all parties have taken effective measures to eliminate the impact of the accident and smoothly ensure the normal in and out port movement of LNG ship. The exercise subjects included alarming and receiving the police, on-site evacuation and alert, search and rescue of overboarding people, transfer of the wounded, firefighting of ships, pollution emergency treatment, etc. The drill was dispatched 150 personnel, 11 ships, 1 helicopter, 1 unmanned aerial vehicle, and 1 remote-controlled life buoy, which was realized the "trinity" linkage of sea, land and air rescue forces. A display area for search and rescue emergency and pollution treatment equipment was set up at the exercise site, and relevant enterprise personnel gave a brief introduction to the underwater search and rescue robots and amphibious oil collectors and other equipment.

At site, after receiving the alert, on the one hand,Tianjin Nangang Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center  assigned the "Hai Xun 02003" ship to the scene to guard and command, delineated the accident alert area, monitored the accident water area;On the other hand, they notified the  Dagang Militia Maritime Search and Rescue Company and the CNPC Dagang Rescue Station to use drones and assault boats to conduct joint sea and air search and rescue of people in the water. At the same time, they reported the fire hazard of the ship to the Nangang Brigade of the Economic Development Zone Fire Fighting Detachment.On the basis of it, Dagang Maritime Safety Administration also organized fire-fighting tugboats to cooperate with fire-fighting departments and carry out firefighting operations, they used helicopters to transfer and treat seriously injured crew members, and mobilized emergency equipment from the Nangang Oil Spill Emergency Equipment Depot to support, and instructed professional cleanup teams to carry out firefighting operations on the accidental ships. The oil booms were used for emergency containment. After the oil spilled on the sea was cleared and recovered by using oil absorbent pads and oil spill dispersants, the drill was ended successfully.

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