Weir Type Oil Skimmer

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Weir Skimmer can be widely used on harbours, oil ports, wharfs, rivers, lakes, shipyards, ship-breaking yards, petroleum and chemical industries, power plants, wastewater treatment plants and other site where there are oil spills to be recovered.
Weir Skimmer is composed of a skimmer,power pack and the connection hoses. The diesel power station with a hydraulic oil pump and an oil delivery pump driven by a diesel engine converts the diesel power into the hydraulic power with a stepless
speed regulation to drive the weir skimmer's regulating weir which floats on the water surface to move up and down. Properly adjust the weir's position to make the top(lip) of the weir staying on the interface between oil and water.
JXY- YSJ-50 JXY- YSJ-100
Max. skimming Rate 30 50 100
Underwater depth Of outflow weir 35-90 50-120 80-150
Driving power(Diesel engine or Explosion-proof Motor) 14.5/7.5 14.5/11 21/15
Suction head of oil Recovery pump 8 8 8
Operating pressure Of hydraulic cylinder 5 5 5

Note:The technical data are subject to change without notice due to modifications to the product and shall be confirmed by the manufacture and the customer.