Disc Type Oil Skimmer

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The disc(brush or tooth disc)skimmer is mainly composed of the hydraulic power station, skimmer head(the main unit), hydraulic oil hose and oil pipeline. It is applicable to recovery oil spills of oil spills on ocean, rivers, ponds and other areas.
The powder station operates with the hydraulic oil pump and the oil delivery pump driven by a diesel engine or motor; the main unit is composed of the disc unit, oil collecting channel, buoy and other parts; the main unit floats on the water surface' s power station is located on a boat or bank.
- The skimmer head floating on water is made of the stainless steel or the marine-grade aluminium alloy. It can be used for the recovery of oil spills on waters. It has a solid and endurable structure. The buo is filled with foams to secure a dual-buoyancy.
- The disc skimmer can recover lubricants, fuels, vegetable oils and other flowable oil spills of low and medium viscosity.
Model Parameter JXY-ZSJ3 JXY-ZSJ5 JXY-ZSJ10 JXY-ZSJ20 JXY-ZSJ30 JXY-60

Recovery capability(m³/h)
3 5 10 20 30 60

Drive power(KW)
4.0/2.2 4.0/3 6.3/4 4.0+6.3/7.5 14.5/11 21/15

Main unit weight(Kg)
18 55 70 120 160 200

Weight of power station(Kg)
80 100 115 255 500 550

Diameter of oil discharge hose
2’’ 2’’ 2’’ 2.5’’  3’’ 4’’