Floating Towable Oil Bladder

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Floating Towable Oil Bladder is a floating makeshift oil storage facility on waters that can be dragged on waters. It is used for temporary storage or oil spill recovered by a skimmer on the sea. It can also be used for the waterborne-transport of liquids which specific weight is less than 1. The floating towable oil bladder is made of the two layer nylon fabric coated with the special rubber on its sides. It is resistant to oils,weather and sunlight. It also has higher tensile strength.

-Excellent flowability and sailing performance, able to be towed in water;
-Easy to place, recover and operate;
-High strength, long working life;
-Oil resistant, weather proof, corrosion resistant;
-Small storage volume, easy to transport.
Storage Volume        5        10
Towing Speed(Kn)        3        3