Oil Trawl For Oil Spill Response

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The oil trawl can be used to recovery the high viscosity oil spills, which are condensed into solid at normal temperature, floating or shifting in water. The oil trawl is mainly composed of a frame, buoy, main net, drag net and nylon fabric bag. The dragnet is detachable from the main net. When the net is full, it can be replaced with a new one.

Technical data:
            Model/Parameter JXY-SW-2 JXY-SW-3 JXY-SW-4 JXY-SW-5 JXY-SW-6
framework size(mm) 2150x650x1080 2150x650x1080 2150x650x1080 2150x650x1080 2150x650x1080
Net bag volume (m3) 2 3 4 5 6
Mesh size(mm) 5x5or10x10
Towing speed (Kn) 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1
Packaging box size (mm) 2280x1230x870 2280x1230x870 2280x1230x870 2280x1230x870 2280x1230x870
Boom arm 10.5m (it can be configured according to the user’s needs)
Containment boom for trailing Type 1000x10m,two pieces(it can be configured according to the user’s needs)