Rope Mop Oil Skimmer

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The rope mop skimmer is composed of skimmer body, hydraulic power pack and oil pump.
Hydraulic power pack works under the diesel engine which drives oil pump and change diesel power into hydraulic power to drive the motor of the skimmer. The motor drives the oil absorbing rope going up. The oil spill can be squeezed from the oil absorbing mope by rotating roller, and then to the oil collecting channel in skimmer body. Finally the oil pump transport the oil spills to the oil storage device in bank.

Technical Data:
Model/Parameter JXYSS-2 JXYSS-5 JXYSS-10 JXYSS-20 JXYSS-30
Max. skimming rate(m³/h) 2 5 10 20 30
rope diameter of the rope(mm) Φ300 Φ300 Φ300 Φ300 Φ300
rope length of the rope 7m or 14m or any length can be made to order
quantity of the rope(pieces) 1 1 2 4 6
drive power(diesel engine or explosion-proof motor)KW 301/2.2 4.0/3 6.3/4 4+6.3/7.5 14.5/11
Type Desktop/hanging hanging