Yangpu Maritime conducted maritime emergency Ccomprehensive drill

In order to further improve the fire emergency and oil spill emergency response capability of the maritime emergency forces in the jurisdiction, on the morning of August 27, Yangpu Maritime Bureau organized the Guotou Xiagang Hainan Tugboat Co., Ltd. and the cleaning company to carry out sea fire protection and oil spill comprehensive drill at the Yangpu 13# anchorage.
The drill was simulated when the "Wanxinglong 188" tanker carried out the cabin overhaul, it was occurred fire accident and explosion, and about 1 ton of fuel leaked into the sea. The situation was urgent.
At 9 o'clock, Yangpu Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center received an alarm, after verified the dangerous situation, they immediately launched an emergency plan for the sea accidents, guided the accident ship to carry out self-rescue, and coordinated the maritime navigation ship, fire tugboat, and the cleaning forces of the area to carry out emergency disposal jobs. At 10:30, the accident ship fire was controlled, the leaked fuel was completely recovered by oil booms and oil absorbent pads, and the drill was finished.


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