Gaolan Port's 150,000-ton main waterway dredging was successfully completed

In order to meet the requirements of Zhuhai's economic and social development, in recent years, Zhuhai Port Group has accelerated the construction of port infrastructure, and built a number of large-scale terminals of 100,000-ton or above in the main port area of Gaolan Port to promote the throughput of Zhuhai Port in exceeding 100 million tons. The transportation scale of containers, bulk dry bulk and petroleum and its products has increased significantly, and the number arriving ships has also been increasing. However, due to the limitation of the navigation waterway, when large ships enter and leave Gaolan Port, they need to reduce the load and sacrifice capacity to ensure the safety of traffic. The low level of the main waterway has become a bottleneck restricting the high port throughput capacity of the high-bay port and the increased transportation demand of enterprises. To this end, it is necessary to build a 150,000-ton waterway that is compatible with the berth level on the basis of the original 100,000-ton main channel in Gaolan Port Area.
The 150,000-ton main waterway project in Gaolan Port Area is a key project in Guangdong Province. The total investment of the project is more than 1 billion yuan. It was won 377 million yuan subsidy fund which was supported by the Ministry of Transport's and started construction at the end of 2013. The project has a total length of 16.25 kilometers and the effective width of the channel design is 230 meters to 290 meters, it will meet the navigation requirements of 150,000-ton container ships, bulk carriers and oil tankers. According to the relevant person in charge, during the construction of the project, 7 large-scale sucking boats, 18 grab boats, 18 mud barges and 2 cutter suction boats were successively invested. It was also used silt curtains.The total dredging of the channel reached more than 30 million cubic meters (including back silting in the construction period), the dredged material is dumped in a specific area approved by the superior.

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