Yibin Waterway Helps Yibin Port to Implement Port Cleaning and Dredging Operations

Recently, the Yangtze River Yibin Waterway Bureau took the initiative to carry out coordination and organization work in accordance with the requirements of the Yangtze River Navigation Administration to help enterprises “Spring Warm Actions”, and assisted the implementation of the dredging works of the Yibin Zhicheng Port Basin to help them basically cancel the risks of port loading and unloading operations.
It is understood that at the end of October 2018, the Yangtze River began to enter the dry season. Due to the sharp drop in water level and the sedimentation in the harbor, the five berths of the Yibin Port multi-purpose wharf were seriously silted. Only the No. 4 container berth could be properly loaded and unloaded. The volume of more than 30,000 cubic meters has brought great safety hazards to ships entering and leaving the port, resulting in the backlog of dozens of ships and nearly 10,000 tons of goods, causing huge economic losses and social impacts.
The harbor basin dredging needs to be carried out in the Yangtze River channel, involving sensitive factors such as environmental protection and sand mining, the implementation risks and difficulties are relatively large. It will use a large amount of silt curtains for controlling silt and dredger for cleaning the silt. The Yangtze River Yibin Waterway Bureau has attached great importance to the request and actively coordinated the request for the Chongqing Waterway with the professional qualification of the channel dredging. Relevant units such as the Engineering Bureau were worked together. In addition, the main person in charge of the bureau has repeatedly visited the on-site office of the port. Through the adoption of waterway surveying and mapping, adjustment of standards, implementation of waterway security measures and construction of shipbuilding and other technical services, the development and optimization of the port clearing plan has been repeated for more than three months. It has finally been implemented smoothly, and the The problems of Yibin Port has been effectively solved. It has been highly praised by Yibin Port Group.

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