The second phase of the reservoir area carried out comprehensive emergency drill

Recently, the second phase project department of the blasting engineering company's reservoir area organized a comprehensive emergency drill, they organized a total of five ships in the two construction beach sections of the project's outer beam and Fugui stone according to the annual work arrangement.

This emergency drill has four subjects: ship fire protection, emergency plugging, water fall rescue and oil spill disposal. According to the "Emergency Disposal Plan for Emergency Response" and the division of work for ship response, the project department put forward specific exercise requirements. During the exercise, each ship was simulated the exercise scene according to its own characteristics and made the exercise more close to actual combat requirements. Through the fire drill, the new employees learned the correct use of fire extinguishers, hoses and other equipment; in the plugging exercise, the crew skilled in using the emergency materials such as cotton wool, wooden wedges and pumps for self-rescue; The participants responded quickly and completed the rescue operations in time according to the pre-distribution; through the oil spill exercise, the crew learned the proper disposal of the oil spill. It was deployed oil booms and oil absorbent pads for oil spill control and cleaning.

Through this drill, all employees were familiar with the emergency disposal process and first-aid measures, enhanced fire safety awareness, improved rapid response capability, and it was laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly handling of emergency events in the future, and achieved the expected results.

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