Hunan Petroleum launched environmental protection risk prevention drill

On August 27, Sinopec Hunan Petroleum Branch organized a regional environmental emergency drill for water safety risk prevention and control in the Changsha Oil Depot.
The drill was hosted by Hunan Petroleum, contracted by Changsha Branch, co-organized by Yueyang Branch, Changde Branch, Yiyang Branch and Huazhong Hunan Pipeline Transportation Department. More than 100 people including Changsha Oil Depot, Qilishan Oil Depot, Miluo Oil Depot, Chishan Oil Depot, Deshan Oil Depot, Hehua Oil Depot, Huazhong Hunan Pipeline Oil Transportation Department, Changsha Local Maritime Bureau, Changsha Water Fire Brigade, Hunan Huazhong Hongtai Monitoring and Evaluation Co., Ltd. participated in this drill. The drill was simulated the rupture and leakage of the hose gasket of the unloading pipeline of the Changsha oil depot, causing emergency treatment of water pollution.
With the starting order of chief commander, Sinopec Hunan Oil's 2019 regional environmental protection joint emergency drill was officially kicked off. After the accident alarm, the emergency teams were assembled in an emergency and immediately carried out emergency treatment in an orderly manner according to the emergency plan. The on-site warning evacuation team carried out emergency evacuation of unrelated personnel in the reservoir area according to the division of responsibilities, and set up a warning zone; the oil pollution recovery group used a professional oil skimmer to clean and reclaim large area oil slick to the oil spill tank. At the same time, the Jinhe rescue teams used barrels and scoops, oil absorbent pads for absorbing a small amount of floating oil. The 10 teams worked together to complete the emergency response work. After 50 minutes, the “oil spill” was controlled and recovered in time.

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