Rongchang launched comprehensive water safety emergency drill


The Rongchang 2019 comprehensive water safety accidents and secondary environmental emergencies drill was held in Wanling Town. This drill was improved the comprehensive emergency rescue capabilities of sudden water safety accidents and secondary environmental pollution. District leaders Li Jinyu and Zhang Kai participated in the event.
At the drill site, the district emergency bureau, the district ecological environment bureau, the Wanling Town and other departments, and the town street staffs were divided into working were divided into on-site command, comprehensive coordination, emergency rescue, environmental monitoring and medical rescue, it was simulated the rollover of the cruise ship hitting the rocks, personnel accidentally falling into the water then it was occurred diesel leakage in the wreck. It will deployed oil booms and oil absorbent pads for controlling and cleaning the spilled oil. Under the unified coordination of the on-site command and the close cooperation of the various units, the drill achieved the expected results and achieved complete success. On the day's drill, experts from the Chongqing Water Emergency Rescue Center were invited to conduct on-site commentary.

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