Wuhu Bureau conducted water comprehensive drill


In order to improve the emergency response abilities on the water, strengthen the supervision of dangerous goods operation areas and improve the level of anti-pollution emergency treatment. On the afternoon of October 28, the Wuhu Bureau, Ma’anshan Maritime Department and the Cihu Maritime Division jointly conducted a comprehensive fire drill and oil spill drill in two adjacent waters of the upper reaches of the Wujiang River. The leaders of the Marintime Department, Xue Xingyun, Song Chunfeng and Yan Leyi, went to the site to organize drill.More than 30 people from Jianghe Procter & Gamble and Changhua Hejiazhou Gas Station participated in the drill.
This drill was simulated when the refueling ship was carrying out oil supplying operations, a fire broke out. The refueling ship immediately issued a fire alarm, and at the same time, they started the emergency plan and sought help from the maritime department. After received the alarm, the maritime department quickly dispatched the sea patrol 12329 boat and the sea patrol 12261 boat to the scene of the fire to carry out the rescue. The sea patrol boats used fire-fighting facilities to extinguish the fire. After all the units cooperated, the fire was quickly controlled. Due to the oil spill on the river surface, the on-site command immediately dispatched the sea patrol 12329 boat to alert on the scene, laying the oil booms to prevent oil spillage. At the same time, they contacted the cleaning ship to cooperate with the gas station to throw the oil absorbent pads to remove the oil spill, and the oil spill was quickly controlled. After the drill, the on-site commander commented on the exercise at the gas station.
The comprehensive drill examined the collaboration abilities of the rescue forces at the onset of water emergencies and improved the fire disposal, oil pollution disposal and accident disposal abilities.

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