Zhoushan Ao’shan Port Area held a comprehensive oil spill emergency drill

At 14:00 on October 18, with the command of the general director of the drill, the 2019 Zhoushan Ao’shan Port Area comprehensive oil spill emergency drill was officially opened at the berth of Zhonghua Xingzhong Petroleum Transfer (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd. and its front waters.
According to the introduction of law enforcement officers of the Zhoushan Lushan Maritime Department, the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone has built a complete oil and gas industry chain. The Zhoushan oil transportation industry has developed rapidly and the oil transportation capacity has been continuously improved. At present, the Ao’shan Port Area has4 large-scale deep-water oil terminals in 80,000 tons grade and above, with an annual average of more than 5,000 large-scale oil tankers entering and leaving the port. The oil throughput in 2018 is more than 37 million tons.
As the increasing expanding scale of the Ao’shan Oil Terminal Group, the risk of oil spill prevention is becoming more and more important.
This comprehensive oil spill emergency drill was jointly carried out by 11 units including Zhoushan Ao’shan Maritime Department, Zhoushan Port and Port Administration Xincheng Branch, and Zhonghua Xingzhong Petroleum Transshipment (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd., it aims to improve Zhoushan National Petroleum Reserve Base, quickly and effectively takes emergency measures in the emergencies and minimizes and reduces marine environmental pollution.
At 14:55 on the same day, after many parties worked together, the oil spill at the scene of the accident was cleared and the drill was completed.
"This drill was fully verified the scientific and effective of "Emergency Plan for Oil Spill Accidents in the Ao’shan Reservoir Area" and improved the emergency response, coordination and emergency disposal abilities of all units and emergency forces. After the exercise, Li Liangwang, the chief commander of the drill and deputy director of the Zhoushan Lushan Marine Department, said.
It is understood that the drill was used 13 emergency disposal vessels and 2 drones and 2 fire engines. The drillers reached more than 80 people and laid more than 800 meters of oil booms.
This drill was simulated the “Hanghai” oil tanker was occurred the oil arm interface loosening during loading, it was berthed at the Xingzhong No. 2 berth, it was resulted in leakage of crude oil into the sea.
At 14:00 on the same day, the drill was officially begun. After the accident, the ship and the terminal immediately launched an emergency plan for the oil spill on the sea and reported it to the maritime department. After received the report, the Ao’shan Marine Department launched an emergency response, instructed the terminal and the ship to take countermeasures, and assigned the “Sea Patrol 07349” boat to the scene of the incident. At the same time, the dock and the social professional emergency ships and teams rushed to the scene for emergency response. .
At 14:16 on the same day, the "Sea Patrol 07349" boat arrived at the scene of the incident, guided and organized emergency response work. Subsequently, "Zhejiang Dingzuo 10" ship, "Wanxiang Oil Storage No. 1" ship, "Zhonghua Emergency" ship, "Zhou Haiqing 1" ship, "Zhou Haiqing 10" shp, "Yin Zhouqing 18" ship and the fire tugboat "Zhougang Tow 25" arrived at the scene of the accident one after another. According to the on-site command instructions, they carried out oil booms deployment, oil pollution control clearance, water spray cooling, environmentally friendly oil spill dispersant spraying.


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