Oilfield organized beach sea oil spill emergency drill

In order to ensure the safe and clean production of the Oilfield, on October 18, the oilfield held an oil spill interception and recovery emergency drill in the Feiyantan Oilfield of Hekou Plant.
The drill organized emergency support vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, communication command vehicles, drones, robots and so on., and nearly 100 emergency rescue personnel were involved in the drill. The drill subjects were included shoal oil spill interception and recovery, and public opinion control and guidance. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Hekou Plant Production Command Center announced that the drill was officially begun.
At the drill site, the staff of Feiyantan in the management area of ​​Hekou Plant discovered that there was crude oil floating in the intertidal zone through the monitoring system. After the investigation, it was confirmed that there was no main oil spill. The Hekou Plant immediately organized self-rescue and reported to the Oilfield Emergency Command Center. Immediately after the emergency command center judged the case, they immediately launched relevant maritime emergency plans, and comprehensively organized the shoal oil spill interception and recovery, fire monitoring, and public opinion management guidance.
The Hekou factory organizec personnel to deliver materials to the Feiyantan oil spill site, conducted hydrogen sulfide and flammable gas detection according to emergency duties, confirmed the construction conditions, and prepared the oil booms. The fire trucks from the emergency rescue center rushed to the scene to perform tasks such as reconnaissance and inspection, fire prevention and other tasks.
After one hour of co-processing, the oil was effectively intercepted and recovered. The drill improved the actual oil spill disposal abilities of the staffs.


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