2019 Yilong New District emergency environmental incident drill was held


On October 18th, under the joint coordination of the functional departments of the Yilong New District and the staffs of the participating cadres, the Yilong New District successfully carried out the emergency environmental incident drill in the Weishan Lake Reservoir.
The background of this drill was that when the diesel tanker was driving to the Guanxing section of the Weishanhu secondary protection zone, it collided with the large truck and rolled over, causing the diesel in the tank to flow to both sides of the road, it was threaten the drinking water source of the Weishan Lake Reservoir. The driver was also seriously injured and stunned, and the escort was slightly injured. After received the report, the relevant departments of the new district immediately launched an emergency response plan. The emergency team immediately rushed to the scene to carry out the work, successfully intercepted a large number of leaking diesel fuel by using oil absorbent booms and oil booms and let it into the emergency treatment pool. As the fire truck continued to use the fire water to cool the tanker, it was increased the amount of oil wastewater, the emergency treatment pool could not meet the storage requirements, and the emergency treatment pool would be diffused. The on-site command team immediately convened an on-site emergency meeting. After the comprehensive opinions, the new tanker was dispatched. The emergency treatment tank oil wastewater is transferred for treatment. In the end, the oil spill was blocked and the oil was prevented from polluting the Weishan Lake Reservoir. The drinking water safety of the people was guaranteed and the injured were successfully rescued.


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