Jiangmen launched the largest comprehensive maritime emergency search and rescue drill

On October 24th, the largest maritime emergency search and rescue drill was held in in the waters of the Guangdong Guohua Yuedongshan Power Generation Co., Ltd harbor. This drill is the largest comprehensive maritime emergency search and rescue exercise since Jiangmen City was established. It has the most subjects, the highest level of danger, the most complicated environment, and the most participating power.
The drill was jointly organized by Jiangmen Maritime Search and Rescue Center, Jiangmen Maritime Bureau and Taishan Municipal People's Government. The whole drill was consisted of 19 scenes of four major projects. The drill invited the South China Sea Rescue Bureau, the Guangdong Maritime Bureau Nanhai Sea Patrol Enforcement Corps, the Zhuhai Maritime Bureau, the Yangjiang Maritime Bureau, and other units to dispatch sea cruisers and helicopters to participate in the exercise. The three-dimensional search and rescue mode was carried out. A total of 26 ships were dispatched, more than 200 participants, 2 helicopters and 1 drone. A total of 18 units including the Jiangmen Maritime Search and Rescue Center and the Port and Shipping observation units were invited. All the drill took 2 hours and 30 minutes, and it was finally successfully disposed the maritime danger.
The drill was simulated the sudden loss of the mechanical damage of a large 100,000-ton coal-carrying ship, and it was collided with a high-speed passenger ship in the waters of Taishanchuandao, causing the “Shunda Tourism 301” high-speed passenger ship to enter into the water. There is a danger of sinking. 90 passengers on board (including 2 foreigners) and 6 crew members are seriously threatened to transfer their lives, and successive ship firefighting, marine lifesaving, ship detachment, oil spill pollution disposal this subjects.
After received the “Dangerous Situation” report, the duty room of Jiangmen Maritime Search and Rescue Center immediately launched an emergency plan, combined with the smart maritime platform to verify the distress information analysis crisis, and assessed and confirmed it as “specially significant marine risk situation”, initiated emergency response according to procedures, and united multiple departments to conduct comprehensive operations for land, sea and air search and rescue. After received the rescue request, the Jiangmen Maritime Bureau quickly dispatched the sea patrol boats to the accident sea area to alert and organize search and rescue on the spot. The maritime personnel immediately organized “Shunda Tourism 301” ship to transfer all passengers safely to the sea cruise ship and the “Shunda Tourism 302” passenger ship. A total of 83 passengers were transferred, including one British passenger and one American passenger. The medical staffs treated two injured Chinese tourists.
In order to rescue 7 people who fell into the water, the headquarters immediately coordinated the dispatch two search and rescue helicopters from the South China Sea Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and the Nanhai Sea Patrol Enforcement Corps of the Guangdong Maritime Bureau and the search and rescue drones from the Jiangmen Maritime  Bureau to the search and rescue area. "Sea Patrol 09173"ship arrived at the scene to alert. Helicopters and drones searched for people in the water with "China Fishery 44202" ship, "Sea Patrol 04428" ship and "Shunda Travel 302" ship. The sea, land and air three-dimensional search and rescue was carried out in the waters of Chuandao. In a very short period of time, the ship rescued 6 people, and the other person was drifted far away. The maritime helicopter searched and found the signal guidance. After that, the rescue helicopter directly lifted the drowning personnel according to the guidelines. Finally, the person was rescued All seven people in distress were successfully rescued.
Then, it was simulated the fire of coal cargo tank of the “Nanxin 5” p, caught fire and the fire was getting bigger and bigger. The "Sea Patrol 04727" ship, the "Jinlang" ship, and the "Yintong" ship arrived immediately after received the order. They were arranged in a figure-eight shape near the upper side of the "Nanxin 5" ship, and sprayed with a high-pressure water gun toward the fire point. The fire was quickly extinguished, and it was verified that there was no danger of re-ignition.
Subsequently, it was simulated that the large coal ship “Nanxin 5” was stranded on the starboard side. Under the command of the drillers, the emergency survey vessel "Dream Blue" first carried out emergency surveys on the large coal ship stranded, and first grasped the topographic data of the sea near the stranded vessel, provided detailed information for the scientific decision of the emergency headquarters for Data support. Subsequently, “Jinlang” shipand “Yintong” ship pushed Nanxin 5 ship pushed by the high tide level, which successfully assisted the ship to successfully detach.
Finally, the "Longteng 322" ship was worked in the clean-up of the ship, used the oil absorbent pads to remove the oil, deployed oil booms to control the sea-level oil pollution, During the period, a small amount of oil dispersant was used, and the residual oil was cleaned. Both parties confirmed by the sea surface working group that the fire extinguishing has been completed and all the oil spills have been cleared. The "Nanxin 5" ship has been successfully detached and there are no other abnormalities. Finally, all the participating ships were uniformly compiled and neatly reviewed. All subjects of the maritime search and rescue emergency comprehensive drill were successfully completed and the drill was achieved a complete success.

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