Guizhou 2020 Inter-regional water traffic accident emergency rescue drill was held


Guizhou Province 2020 Inter-regional water traffic accident emergency rescue drill was held in Wanfenghu Reservoir Area. The drill was simulated in the waters of the main channel at the front of Pier No. 1 in Wanfeng Lake Reservoir. The cruise ship "Guizhou Long III" carried 96 people (Including 6 of crew and security staff) sailed to the waters near Pier No. 1, a group of social idlers collided with "Guizhou Dragon Three" due to improper operations. After the ship collided, the two parties collided. At this time, the social idlers suddenly threw flammable objects into the ship’s engine room and quickly drivrf away from “Guizhou Long III”, the fire caused damage to the main engine of “Guizhou Long III”ship and lost power, the fuel tank was ruptured, the circuit short circuit caused the entire ship to catch fire and explode, and the fuel leaked,some passengers were injured on the surface of the water. After the accident, the passengers on board jumped to save themselves because of fear. One of them was drowning because of injury and needed emergency treatment and search and rescue. After receiving the accident report, the Bajie Maritime Office of Xingyi City immediately organized a professional emergency rescue team and rushed to the scene to organize the rescue. At the same time, it reported the situation to the Qiannan Southwest Transportation Bureau step by step. The Qiannan Southwest Transportation Bureau immediately started the plan and notified the relevant units quickly reached the scene of the accident and carried out emergency rescue work.It was used oil absorbent pads and oil booms for fuel spill controlling and cleaning.Finally, the downing personnel was rescued and sent to the hospital and then fuel leakage was also cleared and the ship was tugged to the safe place.

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