Shengsi Maritime Department launched 2020 joint oil spill prevention emergency drill


On the morning of July 8th, Zhoushan Shengsi Maritime Department carried out the 2020 joint oil spill prevention emergency drill in the area of Lv’huashan Port.
In the sea area of Luhua Mountain, the two collision ships "Dongchen 1" ship and the "Jinzhou 128" ship were parked side by side on the sea. Due to an oil spill accident, two rescue boats enclosed the oil booms in the oil spill area to prevent spreading. Rescuers took equipment to plug the damaged location of the fuel tank. At the same time, the decontamination vessel threw oil absorbent pads into the inside of the oil booms, and recovered then that has been filled with oil, and sprayed oil spill dispersants to achieve the purpose of recovering oil spilled from the sea. The other decontamination vessel carried out decontamination outside the oil booms. During the exercise, the on-site execution team was in close contact with the command center, detailed reports at each stage, and the drill process was conducted in an orderly manner. Zhuang Suxiao, deputy director of Zhoushan Shengsi Marine Department, said: "Oil spills on the sea will have a great impact on the marine ecology and the production and lives of the island people. We mainly strengthen the contact and cooperation of all parties by this drill and we need be proficient in various procedures of oil spill rescue at sea, and rescue can be successful once an oil spill occurs."


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