Zhanjiang held 2020 maritime ship pollution prevention emergency disposal drill


The 2020 maritime ship pollution prevention emergency disposal drill was held in the waters near berth #411 in Zhanjiang Port. In this drill, it was simulated when the oil tanker "Haixinfu 16" was berthed at Zhanjiang Port 206# for unloading operations, the tubing interface fell off, and then caused oil spills, and part of the crude oil spilled into the sea. The on-site emergency response force was insufficient and it was difficult to clear the spill in time. After the "pollution accident" occurred, the "Haixinfu 16" oil tanker immediately requested rescue from the company and the Zhanjiang Maritime Search and Rescue Center. 
After receiving the report, the Zhanjiang Maritime Search and Rescue Center required the oil tanker to immediately carry out self-rescue, close the valve and plug the leak, and activate the ship's oil pollution emergency plan. The center synchronously activated emergency plans, coordinated Zhanjiang Xiashan Maritime Department to send personnel to the site for pollution prevention emergency treatment, dispatched "Hai Xun 09055"ship to the on-site waters for alert, they coordinated the cleanup units in the jurisdiction to go to the scene to carry out maritime cleanup operations. Relevant units quickly dispatched oil spill emergency equipment and materials from the Xiashan ship pollution emergency equipment warehouse to the sea.

At the drill site, ships such as QinUo No. 7", "Nachuan 02" and "Zhangang Cable 2" adopted effective methods, used oil booms to deploy and control oil spills on the water, and used oil skimmers to confine the oil. The spilled oil in the fence is recovered,oil absorbent pads were thrown in the enclosed area to absorb oil, and the oil spill dispersant was sprayed to remove floating oil on the sea. During the whole process, the "Hai Xun 09055" ship was on guard around the scene. After intense treatment, the oil spill was cleared, and the maritime ship pollution prevention emergency disposal drill was successfully ended.

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